Korda Group Acquires First Office Property in Texas

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The Korda Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of 10931 Laureate Drive in San Antonio, Texas. 10931 Laureate Drive is a mission critical facility entirely leased to a Credit Tenant on a long-term lease. The Building features amenities including indoor courtyards, secure data centers, ‘creative’ break areas, and above average parking. “As a single tenant facility on a long-term lease, this asset provided us with an impressive return in Today’s supercharged real estate market while providing insulation from the near term contraction of Office Demand as the dust settles post pandemic,” said Daniel Korda, the Company’s Commercial Property Supervisor. “In addition, the Tenant use of the space as a ‘delivery center’ where Employees return for a few days a week after working offsite on Client contracts means that the Asset had already adopted the ‘hybrid model’ of Office space even before COVID.”

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