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 Robert and Rosina Korda visit Munkatch City Hall

The Korda Group traces its roots back to Pre-WWII Munckas, Czechoslovakia (now Ukraine) where second-generation master builder Issac Kornreich built a large portion of the town, including its landmark City Hall.

His son, Joseph Mark ("Joe") Kornreich, obtained a civil engineering degree from the University of Bonn in Germany and led the family business until first the Holocaust and then the rise of communism saw the Family deprived of its holdings.

2008 - Robert and Rosina Korda visit Munkatch City Hall, designed and built by Robert’s Grandfather Issac Kornreich.

Joe Korda

Forced to start anew, Joe Kornreich (now “Korda”) moved his young family first to New York City, where he worked as an Engineer for the New York City Department of Sanitation, and then to the rapidly expanding City of Los Angeles in 1954. Continuing in the legacy of his father, Joe began constructing tract housing in the San Fernando Valley, eventually constructing Multi-family projects as well. In the 1970’s, Joe became a pioneer in quality HUD construction, a legacy continued today in the Korda Group's award winning Affordable Housing.

1960 - Joe Korda in front of his first wholly owned development, Valley Paradise Apartments in Van Nuys, 1960s.

Erika, Joe and Bob Korda

In the late 70’s, Joe was joined in the business by his daughter Erika. A trailblazer, Erika became one of the first female construction supervisors in the business, supervising the construction of multifamily projects and single family homes. Several years later, Erika and Joe were joined by Robert, Joe's son. Numerous multifamily development projects in Hollywood and Northridge followed- buildings still owned and managed by the Korda Group to this day.

Erika, Joe and Bob Korda at the construction site of Superior Place Apartments in Northridge, 1990. The property remains under Korda Management today.


Joe retired in 1984, leaving Erika and Robert with approximately 500 units. Over the next 30 years, with Robert managing acquisitions and new development, and Erika taking care of property management, The Korda Group's portfolio was expanded to over 3400 multifamily units and 550,000 SF of office, primarily located in Southern California. The Family is also proud of its legacy of development: The Korda’s have built over 1000 Apartment Units- many of which remain owned and managed by the Company- 800 Single Family Homes, two convalescent hospitals, and a commercial shopping center, all located in Southern California.


Multifamily Units

550,000 SF

Office Space


Generations of Builders


Years of excellence in real estate

Daniel Korda, Robert Korda, Los Angeles City Council member David Ryu, Aaron Korda, and Erika Korda

Over the last decade, Robert’s sons Daniel and Aaron have both taken active roles in the business. While Daniel manages the Korda Group’s Office Portfolio and Aaron serves as the project manager for new development projects, both sons also take an active role in the Korda Group’s acquisitions, financing and general operations. The company continues to be an active realization of the American Dream, where with hard work and persistence, anything is possible.

Daniel Korda, Robert Korda, Los Angeles City Council member David Ryu, Aaron Korda, and Erika Korda at the awarding of the Sycamore Square Neighborhood Council’s Architecture Award at the Mansfield at Miracle Mile.